France Gamble

France Gamble

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The God of Chaos has taken over the kingdom. King Shill has heard a prophecy of his demise. In order to keep his throne, he will cause pain and suffering to the families in his kingdom. He will hunt down any child before they can grow old enough to overthrow him.
Keeper's Kinn
The lights have gone out. Winter is in full force and covering the northern parts of the planet in its cold blanket. Jenn has gathered together her family and friends. Now they need to survive the world as it collapses around them. Can these families stay together? Will everyone continue to live in this new chaos that a natural disaster has created?
He has woken up in a hospital with nothing more than a necklace they found on him. Daniel now must figure out who he was before he was pushed from a moving vehicle.
Blank Slate
At nineteen I was entering more than just adulthood - I was leaving behind years of abuse. As I lived in the house of friends I knew that something would soon break. The flashbacks were real. The nightmares terrifying. The world had suddenly became a miserable existence.
Fantasy Life

Whisk yourself away to a far off land, survive the apocalpse or help Daniel find the answres he's seeking.